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Location: Illuminaire on Devonshire


The tranquillity of nature brought indoors

One glance at this apartment situated in the heart of the city in Devonshire and it is easy to identify the inspiration behind the design.


Connatural introduces more lush greenery into this two-bedroom apartment, through the use of natural finishings and soft, neutral shades, despite the neighbourhood already being surrounded by all manners of fauna and flora. It evokes the image of living a peaceful and serene life out in the forest, except with the convenience of being in the city.

Connatural_Island Table and Green Area.JPG

This intimate space is made even more so by removing the existing walls that separated the two bedrooms from each other and the balcony from the living room.


Not only that, the whole apartment shares the same cement-like, grey vinyl floor tiles that help visually unify the space.


The unit was then reconfigured, with only sliding doors to help differentiate one room from the other and decorated with numerous earth-toned furnishings.

In the middle of the shared kitchen and living area sits a clean, white wooden island counter finished with grooves to replicate wooden planks that lend the room a resort-like appearance.


The accompanying rattan bar stools and rug, along with the potted plants, help complete the look and add a convivial, nature-inspired atmosphere to the space.