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Location: Clementi Ave 1


Speaking through colours and imperfection

Born from the marriage of the ancient Japanese aesthetic philosophy of ‘wabi-sabi’,  the love of Studio Ghibli animations and happiness, Hapi Sabi does what most first-time homeowners often don’t – embrace the beauty of all that is authentic and imperfect.


In short, this newly minted family of three chose to work within the confines of the original floor plan and not break down any of the existing walls.

Hapi Sabi_Living 2.jpg
Hapi Sabi_Living Detail 2.jpg

Hapi Sabi also demonstrates the homeowners’ love of Studio Ghibli animations and the joy it brings by mimicking the quirky use of colours evident in the intricately imagined environments of the award-winning works that the famed animation studio has graced the world with.


Each room is decked with its own colour palette, transporting anyone who steps into a different scene from the studio’s iconic films, bringing forth a different mood.

Hapi Sabi_Living Cabinet.jpg

The living and dining area evokes a sense of bliss and calmness through its use of lighter variations of the three primary colours we know so well, with the living room featuring a pitched roof ceiling design and cerulean blue walls.


The deliberate use of light wood in the floor tiles and the built-in cabinets only serves to highlight the bold application of colours within the apartment, making those emotions of contentment that much more apparent.