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Location: Serangoon Avenue 2


A subdued take on the most vibrant season of all
Shapdes of Autumn_Bar Table 1.jpg

In autumn, everything bursts with the last of its beauty as if Nature has been saving the best for this particular moment.


Taking hints and hues from this wonderful season, key elements were deconstructed and then repurposed for this residential space.

As one lays their feet in this space, a sense of tranquility gracefully falls on them. The combination of a lighter palette with intricate design elements brings a bout of serenity to anyone who enters. A gentle breath from autumn and the living area is filled with delicate pastel hues of this season.


A blush coloured wall stands shyly behind a shoe cabinet, captivating all bystanders with its charm. The shoe cabinet leans comfortably against the quartz wall in a complementing shade of blue-green before further extending itself into a TV console.

A stoic reminder of Nature, a vertical piece of greenery peeks out from the feature wall, enlivening the space in an instant.


Though it might seem like a contrast in design elements, the diagonal lines on the feature wall replicates the delicate veins of leaves in autumn, subtly echoing the inspiration of Nature.

Shapdes of Autumn_Kitchen 2.jpg

Within the kitchen, monochrome patterned tiles on the walls add a fun energy to the space, complementing the calmness of the white-mint coloured cabinets.