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Location: Compassvale Drive, Sengkang


Timeless design — achieved through simplicity; like naturally-occurring beauty

Timelessness transcends style, trend, and form. By creating a dialogue between simplicity and nature, the house seeks to achieve a sense of timeless living. To achieve serenity, we returned to the basics of materials and forms.

Dark wood veneer was selected for its natural shade. The neutral, earthy tones of accompanying materials selected to enhance the beauty of the veneer.  The settee at the foyer blends and transforms into a TV console.


The planter box with veneer wall connects to the ceiling and leads to the master bedroom, highlighting again the relationship between nature and simplicity.


Contemporary pieces were selected to complement the environment. The marble dining table and glass coffee table enhances the timeless design. Decorative light fittings and ornaments in metallic gold finishes adds a touch of elegance to room.