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ROOOT Studio undertakes a narrative-driven approach by intertwining storytelling into interior design to re-invent spaces into a whole new light that opens up meaningful and unique experiences.


Since our inception in 2014, ROOOT Studio has managed numerous projects, spanning across residential, commercial and hospitality industries in Singapore. We collaborate closely with our contractors to provide an integrated design and seamless project delivery. 

We are fully involved in all stages of design construction – conceptual design, design development, project management and interior styling. This involvement is the cornerstone of our excellence as we aspire to evoke positive emotions within our clients throughout the phases of the projects.



ROOOT Studio is made up of a team of spontaneous, carefree and insanely happy people. They hope to make a little dent in the design space and create great designs that bring joy to others.

We work, play, and dream together.


BA (1st Class Hons) Interior Design, GUL

Alex typically starts his mornings with a run to jolt his senses, allowing him some quiet time to craft stories and melding them with a space to create interesting designs.

When he is not busy turning ideas into reality, he is shaping the young minds of designers as an interior design educator at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.


BA Interior Design, GUL

As the resident funny man, SJ often has to strike the perfect balance between being a colleague and a friend; just like how he finds time to develop designs and to take a quick overseas trip to snowboard.

He also takes pride in educating students as an adjunct lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts.


BA Interior Design, GUL

Jayelle’s passion for interior design stems from her appreciation of crafting everyday spaces and objects into one-of-a-kind experiences, breathing life into every one of her creations.

She loves life and enjoys sipping on her favourite tea in her free time while thinking about all the would-be's and could-be’s



BA Interior Design, GUL

Since young, Jun Wei has been fascinated with the construction of all things big and small – an obsession that sparked from his deep interest of LEGO blocks. This naturally led him down his current career path and his unofficial title as the company’s handyman.

He believes that details, no matter how minute, are the foundation of good design.


BA Spatial Design, UCLAN

A firm believer in the coexistence of art and design, Chris often integrates one into the other with every creation. He takes great pleasure in injecting joy into his designs as it is ingrained in him that the home should be the one place that brings you happiness.

When he needs a breather, you can find him where nature is abundant.


BSc (1st Class Hons) Business & Management, UOL

With a curious mind and a passion for learning, Zoe enjoys challenging herself in everyday activities. A multi-faceted character, she is a designer, performer, craftswoman, gamer, and more.

On her days off, you will find her solving puzzle games while listening to her favourite music.

Meng Xuan.JPG


Diploma in Architecture (Technology), BCA

Curious and observant about her surroundings, MX loves taking up challenges, learning new things, and looking for ways to improve herself.


In her free time, she plays video games, watches YouTube, and tries to discover new tools and equipment relating to her designs or hobbies.

Yuen Ting.jpg


Diploma in Spatial Design, NYP

Believing that a cheerful personality is the key to a joyful life, Yuen Ting loves to bring that positivity into her designs. To her, creating a homely environment for people is her way of loving others through her art.

When she’s not busy designing homes, you will likely find her doing photography, designing sets, if not, creating flower arrangements.



BA Interior Design, GSA

Jem loves transforming design concepts into tangible creations. With a passion for creating meaningful home interiors and a keen eye for detail, she enjoys exploring and executing ideas that push the boundaries of what’s possible.


She believes that a right balance of design aesthetics with practical considerations is what makes good, creative design.

Chun Yee.jpg


Diploma in Interior Design, MIA

CY enjoys participating in the process of things no matter what he does, be it a job, his hobbies or daily tasks. He strongly believes that focusing on each step and detail will not only help in achieving better results but also brings about more joy and satisfaction.

This sense of satisfaction is the core driver of his enthusiasm when he is trying out new things.

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