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Location: Alkaff Courtview, Bidadari Park Drive


Where space meets function

In many ways, the home is like the perfect partner-in-crime as you navigate life. Like the perfect partner, your home wears multiple hats, serving various functions to meet your needs. Like the perfect partner, your home remains familiar and comforting despite the different roles it takes up.


With that in mind, we set out to create a home with spaces that serve their respective functions yet come together on a common ground.

Stepping into the house, you will be immediately greeted with a sense of calm and homeliness. This is achieved by the thoughtful light placement that guides you right into the living room.


The living room is designed with a pitched ceiling roof that draws the eye to the vast windows, bringing light and warmth to the heart of the home. The large statement plant by the room adds a touch of life and air to the space.


The wooden blinds give you control over the atmosphere of the room – bright and airy for your mid-day coffee, or dark and cosy for a movie night.

c0mm0n 9round bedroom 2.JPG

If the living room is the heart of a home, the master bedroom would be its soul. It is the place where tired bodies retreat to recharge, the place where we start and end our days. We designed large, seamless storage in the bedroom to free the space of clutter, enabling you to start your days clear and refreshed.


The dark and cool hues of the bed and its surrounding furniture ensures that peace accompanies you as you drift into sleep. 

To connect the rooms, we aligned the heights of various furniture and wall details to a common height of 0.9m. This line runs through various parts of the home, like the pulse that ensures connectivity and continuity.

c0mm0n 9round bathroom 1.JPG
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