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Location: The Palette, Pasir Ris Grove


Industrial meets luxury, like a diamond polished

They say opposites attract – such was the case for this couple, polar opposites in their vision for the house.

Inspired by the couple’s contrasting preferences, we combined the wife’s love of a polished finish with the husband’s desire of a raw, industrial design, to create a final look reminiscent of the journey a diamond takes from raw to polished; dull to shine.


The transition from industrial to luxury is a common theme throughout the house. To start, walls both industrial and luxurious were placed at different parts of the house to differentiate the raw from the polished.

The TV cabinet, skillfully carved, was inspired by the raw edges of stone and the angular surface of diamonds.


An extension of the theme, this feature was replicated along the passageway ceiling, enhanced with an interplay of lights to further emphasise the journey a diamond takes.

Like what a diamond ring represents, the mirrored doors in the walk-in wardrobe creates a sense of infinite possibilities, with the copper frame and luxurious plush fabric adding the necessary soft touch to the otherwise cold space.