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Location: Northshore Residences, Northshore Drive


The foundation that supports a lifetime of memories

Some say a home is like a signature. It is a physical continuation of oneself. An unmissable opportunity to showcase one’s style, personality, and preferences. Down To Earth is no different.

It is the abode of a freshly minted family of three and avid home cooks who love experimenting with food.


This spacious 5-room HDB bears a theme deeply grounded in exploration, their interests, and the concept of “doing more with less”.

The dual-entrance kitchen is indisputably the family’s favourite room and where they spend the most time.


Naturally, it is also where a framed glass panel, which acts as the centrepiece of the home and separates the kitchen and living room, is located.


At times, it serves as a visual reminder for them to cherish every day with each other as it frames and saves their golden moments like a dynamic picture frame. Other times, it is a way for the chef to catch up on the latest television dramas while preparing a hearty meal.