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Location: Bukit Batok West


Where light and dark exist in harmony
Eclipse_Corridor 1.jpg

Eclipse — an aptly named project that fully encapsulates the transition from light to dark within this 4-room space for a young couple who were looking to inject some strong contrast in their new home.

To capture the contrast and the heart of an eclipse, the living area was deliberately designed to be bright and clutter-free whilst the colour palette of the bedroom was kept to solely grey with a touch of dark wood.

Eclipse_Kitchen 1.jpg

The front door of the apartment opens up to the living and dining area that is left bare save for a dining set at the end of the room, next to the windows; and a long storage bench with a concealed LED that stretches across the entirety of the space, attracting guests to it and gently luminating the room just as an eclipse does.


Attached to the wall is a round mirror with a warm yellow frame that draws reference to the soft glow of a solar eclipse. The room is then completed with moon-inspired pendant and wall lights.