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Location: Alkaff Courtview, Bidadari Park Drive


Discovering your brand of gentle strength

Centred in Zen, a form of Mahayana Buddhism, ensō is the circular form meant to symbolise enlightenment, strength, elegance, and the universe. It is often expressed through the concept of a type of minimalism born from Japanese aesthetics.

Using circles as a motif with a focus on a minimalist design, this 4-room HDB incorporates curves and rounded arches wherever possible, from the island counter down to the settee.


In a conceptual context, a circular negative space in the middle of the home was also created to form a gathering space for social events, as well as to unify all the rooms.


Each room is demarcated with a slight variation in colour and rounded edges, perhaps invoking an image of one gently ushering you into every room.

True to the theme of Japanese minimalism, the apartment bears the distinct soft white and beige-grey colour palette with light wood as its main material for that simple, yet charming naturalness.


Surfaces are kept looking matte in delicate shades of grey. As a way to visually meld the floor and furniture, a similar light wood texture was selected, leaving the space looking clean and whole as though all the pieces of the puzzle have finally come together.