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Location: Alkaff Courtview, Bidadari Park Drive


Discovering your brand of gentle strength

Centred in Zen, a form of Mahayana Buddhism, ensō is the circular form meant to symbolise enlightenment, strength, elegance, and the universe. It is often expressed through the concept of a type of minimalism born from Japanese aesthetics.

Using circles as a motif with a focus on a minimalist design, this 4-room HDB incorporates curves and rounded arches wherever possible, from the island counter down to the settee.


In a conceptual context, a circular negative space in the middle of the home was also created to form a gathering space for social events, as well as to unify all the rooms.


Each room is demarcated with a slight variation in colour and rounded edges, perhaps invoking an image of one gently ushering you into every room.