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Location: Jalan Rumah Tinggi


For carefree and unconventional creatives
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The Bohemian aesthetic may not be for everybody. It is often fluid with creative and unconventional decor at the heart of it. With the owners’ penchant for collecting various one-of-a-kind knickknacks, it was clear why they were attracted to the idea of designing their home around the Bohemian style.

Using white as a base and beige as an accent colour as a blank canvas, this 5-room resale flat plays heavily on texture – both visual and tactile. Earth tones were primarily used to emphasise the rawness of materials and objects. Eye-catching and colourful tiles were restricted solely within the bathrooms and the balcony, keeping patterns in the apartment to a minimum and preventing colours from clashing.


Thereby bringing out the personalities of the homeowners and their many pieces of furniture each with its imperfections and story to tell.

The result is a bright and airy living area with plenty of room for guests to commune that comes complete with a bar counter finished with white marble and fluted wood panels.


Various textured fabrics were applied here, ranging from the pliable but slightly rough jute rug to the smooth but sandy surface of the wood grains.