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Location: The Terrace, Edgedale Plains


Lines that make a home

With a design that marries the homeowners’ love for hiking and their desire for a cosy and intimate home — two requests that seem almost like an oxymoron — Far Horizon is a challenging, yet interesting project that checks all the boxes of a perfect home and that reflects the characters of the lovely couple.

Taking advantage of the long and narrow living area, floor tiles in various shades of grey were laid out towards the direction of the spacious balcony that doubles as a dining space for the couple and their guests in an effort to subtly draw them over.


The reward at the end of the room is a generous view of the quaint environment along the edge of Singapore and a gentle sea breeze to match.

Far Horizon_Living 1.jpg

The living area is visually split into two parts — a darker toned area symbolising the relaxed ambience that the owners requested for and a lighter toned half to match the brightness of the side of the room where the sunlight hits for a stronger contrast, especially in the afternoon.


The television is mounted onto concrete wall panels of increasing widths to create the illusion of a wider room while the television console beneath it breaks up the grey with its warm wood laminate.

Further adding to the warmth of the room is an LED light concealed under a dark grey panel along the ceiling. It shines softly, emulating the glow of the sun rising over the horizon while it does its job and sharing its light with the shoe cabinet nearby with grooves shaped into the silhouette of a mountain.

Far Horizon_Studywardrobe 1.jpg

One of the spare bedrooms was furnished into a study, complete with a study nook situated by the full-length windows and floor-to-ceiling Venetian blinds to control the amount of sunlight that enters the space through the windows.


A large black wardrobe also sits in a corner, visually enlarging the room with its black tinted mirrors.