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Location: Serangoon North Avenue 4


One for the free-spirited individuals who wish to feel at ease

Homes with open floor plans are a natural choice for the active and for those who do not wish to feel like they are trapped within the four walls of their home.


This Executive Apartment (EA) utilises the spacious living area and combines it with the kitchen to devise an open concept space with few boundaries, making it easy to move anywhere one pleases – especially convenient for the owners’ preference for yoga.


Fluted wall panels made of dark wood were used to conceal the existence of the many doors that lead to the bedrooms, keeping them away from prying eyes while creating a pleasing play of light.


The design of the fluted panels gives the impression of being in the woods, surrounded by the mellow and tranquil qualities of nature. To elevate the softness of the common area, beams were made to curve instead.


To contribute to the theme of nature, the kitchen was decked out in assorted shades of green. The counters are in a tinge of green that seems to toe the line between forest green and navy while the backsplash is tiled with a bold grey and teal geometric pattern to make a statement.


In strong contrast to the kitchen, the main bedroom and bathroom are kept looking dark and dim in dark grey and black. It is a modern interpretation of a log cabin in the woods that instantly puts one at ease and undoubtedly, that is what makes a home.