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Location: Jurong West Ave 1


The beauty of imperfection

Quirky, industrial, and clean — three words that seem to be describing three different interiors but is actually the perfect summary of Fukinsei, an old 3-room HDB situated in Jurong that has successfully melded the themes together.


Drawing inspiration from the asymmetrical layout of the apartment and the term ‘fukinsei’ which stems from the Japanese principle of design that is all about controlling the balance in a composition through asymmetry and irregularity, this cozy home is one that strays from the norm in a lively manner.

Rooot_Fukinsei_Closeup 8.jpg

Stepping in, the first thing one would notice is the high ceiling — a feature that is uncommon in local HDB flats.


The high ceiling boasts a pitched roof design that the previous owners opted to keep low but was opened up to create the look of  industrial lofts in New York that we all know and love.


Part of the existing feature wall was tiled with white brick and it was also retained, with the rest of the walls painted white and the floors covered with cement screed  to add to that industrial look.

At the end of the long, horizontal living area sits a large asymmetrical wood slab that serves as a dining table and a full length storage unit which bears an asymmetrical herringbone wood design, again to emphasise the theme of the apartment and also as a way to save on space by properly utilising the wide vertical space above.


The same herringbone pattern extends to the kitchen floor for consistency in the design language. The rest of the kitchen is kept clean and minimal, with a stainless steel table top to complete the industrial look.

Similar to the kitchen, the walls of the study were hacked off and replaced with a black lattice glass frame to allow more light to stream in, balancing out the industrial theme with some bits of Mother Nature.