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Location: North Bridge Road, Funan
A taste of the countryside in a modern setting

While living in metropolitan Singapore has its perks, it also means that getting fresh juice straight from the fruit is a tough, if not impossible dream. Yet, this dream comes close with the introduction of GoCha Bar, a smoothie and juice bar hailing from Taiwan made from fruit so fresh that it is almost equivalent to sipping juice from the fruit itself.

GoChaBar_Interior 5.jpg

Designed to reflect the narrative of savoring beverages made from fresh, handpicked fruits, the interior of its sole outlet located at the newly reopened Funan Mall is reminiscent of a modern farmhouse complete with walls lined with timber planks and a pitched roof shaped storefront that sets the mood of the juice bar before you even step foot in it.

Affixed to the centre of the store are timber poles that not only function as a divider for the seating area, but also act as artificial tree trunks that add to the imagery of the modern farmhouse, giving off the impression that patrons are seeking refuge under giant trees after a long day of work. Plants drape from the top of the poles to simulate the appearance of a dense tree crown adorned with bulb pendants of varying lengths for that slight rustic touch.

The decor of the rest of the space is kept muted in light hues to allow for the vibrant colors of the drinks to pop, with the exception of the terrazzo floor tiles that come in rich, jewel tones to symbolize the harvest that has fallen from the trees above and the green wall that runs parallel to the pick-up counter, representing the reaping of fruits of one’s labor through the collection of the beverages.

Neon light signages are perched atop the pitched roof storefront and within the green wall to accentuate the modern elements of the space while also adding multiple photogenic spots to the interior, perfect for the present day and age.

From sowing the seeds of love to delighting in the harvest of the season, the entire process may not be easy but this space is definitely one where you can relish in every single step without having to lift a finger.