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Location: Bukit Batok St 22


That one point in time you will come to remember for the rest of your life

A golden moment; a special time in your life that stands out from the rest. This magical time came for this newly wedded couple in the most literal and figurative sense when their modern 5-room flat was completed.

The sturdy light oak door opens up to an apartment washed in a pure shade of white accompanied with flecks of gold that not only lends the space an air of opulence and grandeur but also reconciles the couple’s love for the colour and one another.


The large mirror that greets you at the entrance helps amplify the space while also reflecting light, casting a pleasant glow over the rest of the area.

Golden Moment_Living 6.jpg

The living area is visually split into two parts — a darker toned area symbolising the relaxed ambience that the owners requested for and a lighter toned half to match the brightness of the side of the room where the sunlight hits for a stronger contrast, especially in the afternoon.


The television is mounted onto concrete wall panels of increasing widths to create the illusion of a wider room while the television console beneath it breaks up the grey with its warm wood laminate.

Further adding to the warmth of the room is an LED light concealed under a dark grey panel along the ceiling. It shines softly, emulating the glow of the sun rising over the horizon while it does its job and sharing its light with the shoe cabinet nearby with grooves shaped into the silhouette of a mountain.

Lines, evident in the form of mirrors, light, trimmings, and shadow gap skirtings are also central to the design language of this space and play a crucial role in bringing the place together.


The cosy living room is framed and segregated by different floor tiles and a warm ray of gold evocative of a hopeful dawn - a feature only visible when the cove light is on, almost hinting at the idea that happiness can be found where you least expect it.

Golden Moment_Bathroom 1.jpg

The second bedroom was swapped out for a spacious master bedroom along with the addition of a custom made TV console and dresser that sits perpendicular to the bed.


Returning for a last hurrah, the use of different floor tiles that were seen in the living area is once again applied to the room, distinctively marking out the sleeping area and the wardrobe, which hides the entrance to the washroom with a seamless door embellished with a horizontal gold stripe.

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