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Location: Alkaff Lakeview, Alkaff Crescent


Inviting one of the world’s most beautiful sights into your home

When discussing some of the most beautiful sights in the world, the golden hour will undoubtedly be a point that gets brought up.


Being able to watch everything under the sky be bathed in a warm glow of orange, pink, and sometimes even purple, is not only peaceful, but also incredibly surreal. It is easy to see why one would want to own a piece of such a glorious sight in their own home.

horizontal lighthouse dining 3.JPG

Horizontal Lighthouse borrows the shapes, lines, and colours one would typically witness when watching the sun set or rise and applies it to this 4-room apartment in a romantic, yet calming fashion.


Two-tone walls are a mainstay in this home, with certain areas of the living room covered in a snowy white coupled with a tranquil shade of sky blue while the vinyl floor remains in a neutral shade of grey.


The rest of the furnishings are kept to earthy tones to allow the blue to take centre stage.

The light blue settee by the front door is played up with a niche painted in the same shade – an allusion to opening up a window to a cloudless and vibrant sky. Stacked on top of one another, both the light blue and light wood settee add an element of fun to the view, with the latter also representing mountains along the horizon that often frame the setting sun.


White track lights that almost blend into the ceiling span across the entire width of the living room, providing a beacon of light both literally and symbolically.

In a similar vein, the kitchen is the perfect example of an amalgamation of the latest trend of interior colour blocking and the main colour palette of the home.


The space is visually separated through the use of horizontal lines and emphasised with white, light wood, and light blue for the wall-mounted cabinets, backsplash and tabletop, and the counters respectively.