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Location: The Topiary, Fernvale Lane


More than just a hobby

What do you get when luxury fashion meets art in an industrial-styled home? You get Industrial Cuisine, an apartment that houses all manners of art, collectibles, luxury fashion and accessories and that showcases them as though they were artworks displayed in a warehouse turned art gallery tucked in the unassuming corners of Brooklyn, New York.

Industrial Cuisine_Dining and Living Room.JPG
Industrial Cuisine_Vinyl Record Player.JPG

Although the apartment is home to an avid collector, the space was designed with the main intention of exhibiting all the well-loved toys and clothes that were painstakingly amassed over the years.


Built-in cupboards and display shelves located in the living room and one of the bedrooms were custom made with cove lighting inserted between the shelves to highlight and draw attention to the pieces.


The rest of the house was treated with a colour palette of white, black, walnut, and varying shades of grey, humbly serving as the backdrop to make these collectibles pop and to elevate their status from collectibles to coveted works of art.

The design of the house is kept minimal with grey walls, loose pieces of furniture, and walnut wood finishings; toeing the fine line between modern and industrial themes while enjoying the best of both worlds.


The decor in the living room is limited to the essentials – a wide-screen television for entertainment, a plush dark grey couch with a similarly coloured lounge chair, and a walnut wood dining table that is illuminated by the glow of the low-hanging pendant light.