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Location: Alkaff Oasis, Bidadari Park Drive


Seeing the beauty and tenderness in imperfection

The amalgamation of the words ‘inn’ and ‘imperfect’, Innperfect embodies the spirit of the classic Japanese ryokan that typically features tatami-matted rooms and the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. The latter being a worldview centred around the beauty of transiency and imperfection.


Innperfect marries the homeowners’ love of the contemporary minimalist interior style and the imperfect, but tender moments that arise from their children’s chaos.

Taking a cue from Japanese houses, the walls and floors of this 4-room flat are adorned with timber cladding with deep grooves in white and light brown to add to the minimalist theme.


Differently coloured wood floors visually mark off the areas between the foyer and kitchen, and the living room and the hallway that leads to the bedrooms. This functional choice helps draw a stronger connection between the home and the concept of wabi-sabi with its asymmetrical beauty.


More timber can be spotted in the yard. This time in the form of long floor-to-ceiling strips, deliberately erected to help hide away any unsightly objects when guests are over.


It also reiterates the East Asian source that inspired this home in a bold, yet understated manner.


Doors that slide and fold were also introduced in place of walls. A modern nod to Japanese shoji doors that allows for more creative use of space.

Tranquil and open with wood surrounding the space, the master bedroom is designed to be like a sanctuary for the couple to retreat to after a long day. Soft cove lighting emerges from behind the bed frame to provide some light and to soothe when necessary.


The study table that doubles as a dresser also serves as a divider that separates the areas where they rest and get changed.


The bathrooms were made the same way, with a copious amount of wood and some concrete in a style reminiscent of a private Japanese onsen.