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Location: Clementi Crest, Clementi Avenue 3


A fine balance between femininity and masculinity

Most homes are started by two individuals each with their thoughts, preferences, and personalities. The search for common ground between the two often ends up with one having to compromise, even if it is just a little.


In this case, the homeowners opted to showcase their differences through the use of a pair of stereotypically feminine and masculine colours – pink and black. The strong contrast between the colours work hand-in-hand to elevate both, particularly to highlight the beauty of pink – a colour not frequently used in homes this significantly in recent times.

Along with the unique colour theme, the use of curves is plentiful in this build. It is utilised to visually soften the appearance of the black and dark greys and to brighten the home. It is particularly evident in the kitchen, where part of the walls are lined with rounded baby pink tiles and where a long oval counter with a dusty pink and black base stands.


In the cosy living room, it is cleverly painted onto the walls in dark grey and blush, and incorporated into the custom-made TV console.


The walls of one of the spare bedrooms were demolished in exchange for glass panels with black borders and a sliding door that opens up to the living area, while the other made way for a vanity and walk-in wardrobe attached to the main bedroom.


One was converted into a small gym with a small semi-circle door that leads to the main bedroom – a peculiar, but sweet feature added for the convenience of the family’s three cats.

The entrance to the main bedroom was shifted at a 45-degree angle to break off from the rigidity of the original floor plan. In this room, the bold black used in the rest of the house was replaced with a light grey for a softly stylish vibe.


Black makes a last stand in the main bathroom, meshing seamlessly with the pink grout that accompanies the clean white tiles and speckled grey stone floor.