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Location: International Building, Orchard
Nature is the new beauty

It has been said that Nature is the greatest designer of all time. Priding itself in enhancing one's natural beauty, organic design elements have been meticulously selected to bring out the best of this Korean aesthetic clinic.  


Nature-inspired design elements can be found throughout the clinic to further articulate the brand's beliefs. Floors are adorned with elegantly-designed carpets which resemble pebbled grounds of a tasteful garden.


Upon entering the clinic, an artificial grass wall will greet the consumers. Placed right behind the clinic’s name and logo, it will not only attract the attention of consumers, but also adds a splash of colour to the otherwise muted, and earthy tones of this clinic.


The usage of yellow against green creates contrast and exudes warmth and friendliness, which assures and comforts the consumers, giving them confidence in this brand.

Far from just being a practical object, large and wide mirrors were utilized to physically transform the area. This creates the illusion of a larger space and amplifies the tenderness of the concealed lighting within the clinic.

Marble furniture with gold trimmings was also carefully selected and thoughtfully placed in the main common area, creating a sense of opulence to this understated space.


Like how Nature would awe us with its vast contents, the bespoke design, and the carefully curated clinic is bound to create a one of a kind experience for its consumers.

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