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Location: Compassvale Drive, Sengkang


The space is reduced to its necessary form where everything serves a purpose

Inspired by the desire for a clean and modern space, the house was designed by removing unnecessary elements, focusing only on the essentials.


Less is truly more. With this theme in mind, we played with the integration of space and functionality, to achieve more with less.


To efficiently utilise the space, the wall where the TV was mounted was the very wall connecting the living room to the kitchen. The same wall then extends further to the dining area, where a custom designed dining settee integrates with the window partition.


This space, with the clever placement of furniture, creates an infinite and functional loop that links the kitchen to the living space.

The pitched roof serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose, creating spatial connectivity while providing illumination.

The dual function was further extended to the TV console, with the timber wall providing both a visually pleasing focal point and concealment of the unsightly electrical board.

The multi-functionality does not end there. The bay window doubles up as dining settee with room for storage while providing a mount for speakers along the panels.