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LNY Academy

Location: Club St, Chinatown
in all things of Nature, there is something of the marvelous. – Aristotle
LNY_Close up 7.jpg

It is a well-known fact that there is never a lack of beauty within Nature, and aesthetic school Lee Na Young fully embraces that.


Priding themselves on their au-natural treatments, organic shapes and nature-inspired design elements were conscientiously selected to bring out the best of this brand.

Upon entering, a tall grass wall stands in its full natural glory at the entrance, warmly greeting and prompting one to instantly realise the connection between nature and the school. A floor-to-ceiling mirror stands across, reflecting space, light and the beauty of the feature wall.

Pockets of greenery were planted around, breathing life and adding pops of colours to the otherwise minimalistically designed space. Delicate cove lightings light up the entire area from the entrance to the various rooms, channeling warmth and comfort from the moment one steps into the school.

LNY_Foyer 1.jpg

A visual feast, the perfect combination of colours such as the yellow plush armchairs and gold-framed mirrors not only complements the green surroundings, but also reflects the opulence of Lee Na Young.

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