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Location: Waterway Sunbeam, Punggol Drive


A local showcase of New York City living

Lofting Out Loud was designed with the client’s penchant for New York and their affection for the industrial style.


The result was a captivating 5-room apartment situated in the heart of Punggol that derives its inspiration from industrial chic loft apartments while retaining a modern touch.


To create a sharp contrast between the old and the new, an exposed grey brick wall was installed in the living area, serving as the focal point of the house and a backdrop for the wooden wall shelf and the television console while a black-tinted mirror stands proudly beside it, drawing out the former’s charm.

Lofts are frequently known for their high ceilings and pitched roof designs, and this apartment is no different.


By capitalising on the big empty ceiling – a frequently neglected space – a pitched roof was built to create the illusion of a more spacious hallway and draw a visual connection to New York loft apartments.


Corrugated metal sheets were spray painted and framed as part of the feature wall located in next to the bar, giving life to the otherwise unused items.


Vibrantly coloured display shelves were integrated into the feature wall to symbolise the livelier side of New York, as well as the client's lifestyle.


The base of the bar was constructed with wire mesh and exposed plywood top to further add to the raw, unfinished look of the thoughtfully designed space.

On top of being another well-loved element of industrial interior design, the exposed bulb lighting hanging above the bar provides some much needed warmth to the living space, dousing the area with a wave of orange glow – adding a sense of endearment and relaxation to the elegant 5-room flat.