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Location: Eunos Ave 3
Inspiring + Empowering

Known for designing clothes that empower women to achieve their fullest potential, the design of the Love, Bonito office shares the same principles in wanting to create an environment that would empower their employees to unleash their best at work.

Inspired by the designs and textiles that the brand works with, curved lines and pops of colour have been worked into the office’s features, just like a beautiful dress.


The brand’s signature shade of pink welcomes visitors at the foyer and also shows up around the office in the walls and furniture, infusing a sense of familiarity and brand identity into the space.


The layout balances the need for collaborative spaces and privacy with bright and airy open spaces featuring a mix of office and lounge furniture that set the stage for formal and informal conversations to take place, as well as smaller, more intimate call pods for more private discussions to take place in or even double up as dressing rooms.

A series of breakout spaces also provide employees with additional workspace options. Each breakout space invokes a different atmosphere from homely to sleek and formal, and acts as its own little bubble of creativity and inspiration.


A schematic harmony is achieved across these breakout spaces as each uses a different shade of pink, linking it back to the brand’s signature. To maximise the potential of these unique spaces, they also double up as backdrops for the brand’s photoshoots and launches.

A key feature of the office is the pink pool area consisting of a two-tier platform adorned with brightly coloured cushions and bean bags that provides a common space for employees to gather and for large group discussions to take place in a fun and informal space, much like the crowds gathering at the pool on a hot summer’s day