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Location: 807 King George's Avenue
Where love and creativity collide

Upon stepping into the unit, one is welcomed by a statement piece from the couple’s beloved Be@rbrick figurine collection. These figurines have been interwoven into the design of the space, injecting the unit with whimsy and personality amidst a sleek and minimalistic vibe.

The living room is divided into three different areas: an intimate living area that is accentuated with a slatted wood wall; a dining area; and a bar, with the latter two serving as cosy social spaces for the couple and their friends.


At the dining area, the dark green dining chairs add a pop of colour during the day but morph into a classy black at night as the light changes.

The grey and neutral wood tones used in the kitchen create a cosy cave for the couple to whip up gastronomical delights for their guests.


Natural light spilling in through the windows in the day gives the kitchen a fresh and cheery atmosphere, while the built-in lighting used in the evenings adds a dramatic allure to the space as night falls.


Similar tones are used in the study room where the atmosphere of the room changes from playful in the day, as the grey and neutral wood tones are first illuminated by natural light, to warm and cosy at night as the in-built lighting provides a backlit effect to the workspace.