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Location: Triple One Somerset


Intertwining functionality and creativity

Majority of corporate offices tend to favour practicality over aesthetic – think drab carpets, lifeless white walls, and a lackluster colour palette of white, grey, and black. Megastrike was designed to steer clear from your typical office interior through the use of different colours and materials to create a multilayered experience that is both visually appealing and functional.

Inspired by the company’s background in the plastic trade, the multifarious properties of the highly versatile material, and the vibrant atmosphere of boutique hotels, the multilayered concept of this project is apparent in its ambience, the ceiling, and the flooring.


A myriad of materials and colours were used in this project, ranging from the all-purpose light wood to the trendy terrazzo; as well as the vibrant combination of orange and blue that were utilised to make specific areas pop.


Greeting users of the space when they first enter the unit is a modern, trapezoid reception counter with rounded edges made of white timber and a white marble top. Standing tall behind the counter is a soft grey texture wall embellished with the company’s name and subtly highlighted with flush ceiling light fixed into a light wood timber ceiling that stretches out to form a banquette seat in between the pantry and meeting room, again melding purpose and style into one.


Lux and fluffy carpet plank tiles in various colours were used for the floor to break the monotony and to separate work spaces from the walkways – a perfect example of how functionality and creativity can be so effortlessly intertwined to create something out of the norm.

Rooot_Megastrike_pantry area 2.jpg

While the rest of the space channels a soft and modern vibe, the meeting room carries a more serious atmosphere with its brown leather chairs and black geometrical acoustic panel that contrast against the light wood wall cladding.