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Location: Trilight, Newton Road


A metaphorical trip to the mountains

If you cannot take the white, snow-capped mountains back home, bring them to you instead. The owners of this minimalist apartment chose to convey their love of snowboarding and skiing through the design of their home.


The result is a home deeply inspired by the continuous flow of motion one experiences while taking part in the two sports.


It is furnished with natural colours, such as beige, light grey, and white with the latter taking centre stage; along with light wood, quartz, and natural stone scattered throughout as a representation of the trees and mountains.

Stepping into the apartment, one is sure to feel rejuvenated, as though being bathed in the restorative effect of nature itself.


The space is clean, with a clear flow of direction. To achieve that, cabinet doors were used to cover up the storage room, creating a seamless and linear walkway toward the bedrooms.

Multiple surfaces, from the kitchen countertop to the TV console, are clad with quartz or natural stone, acting as a reminder of the natural rock formations one can easily spot while cruising along the mountains on their skis or snowboards.


A live edge dining table handpicked for its natural and raw energy separates the kitchen and living area, as though it were a forest that divides the mountains from each other.


The main bedroom follows the same theme and builds on the existing curved window settee with a similarly curved headboard that runs along the width of the accompanying side table.


Cove lighting was inserted in the headboard and the ceiling to emulate the sunset that seems to signify the end of the metaphorical skiing and snowboarding trip.