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Location: Telok Ayer
A modern vintage dreamscape comes to life
in collaboration with Spacebar Design

With neutral colours as its base, this office blends various colours and patterns to create an artistic modern vintage environment deeply inspired by culture and diversity. Each area boasts its own theme, its own personality, and its own surreal space.


Together, they form a space that meshes seamlessly. The experience is akin to the ever-changing surroundings of a long drawn-out but pleasant dream.

The otherworldliness is evident even from the stairwell of this office situated on the second floor of a Telok Ayer shophouse. It opens up to a dream-like foyer with walls of glass blocks and bold metallic yellow.


Similarly, the interior is embellished with equally bold colours down from the upholstery to the walls. This dreamscape is accentuated by the cobalt blue wallpaper of wave-like clouds outside the meeting room, looking almost like a Peranakan cutlery set coming to life.

SB 180 - Oliver-1.png
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