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Location: Jalan Tenteram, Whampoa


In a hectic world, we all need our own haven of peace


Free from clutter and redundant ornamental features, this space effortlessly portrays the aesthetics of Minimalism, where space, lighting and a curated set of furniture are all as important as one another.


Black and white colour dominant, the splash of colour from the warm walnut wood instantly brightens up the entire space.

To differentiate the various living areas, dark grey textured tiles were used in spaces such as the kitchen, where multiple interactions will take place.


On the other hand, white marble tiles were used in the living room and bedrooms, where rest and serenity is demanded.

Exuding warmth from above, the cove lighting add a nice layer of warmth to the entire space. Not only does it illuminate the areas elegantly, it also subtly defines the kitchen area from the living room.