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Location: Fernvale Link, Sengkang


A vibrant mishmash of colours and character

Vibrant and playful — two words that will no doubt pop into your head the minute you step foot in this adorable apartment where a pair of newlyweds, the founder of a 2D animation company and an art teacher, live with their pet tabby cat, Dusty.

Patternation_Close up_3.jpg
Patternation_Close up_4.jpg

Drawing inspiration from their years of experience in the creative industry, the interior boasts a calming light wood theme peppered with a palette of quirky colours in the form of furniture and tiles that lend a boldness to the space, making it the perfect spot for the brainstorming of creative ideas.


Further expanding on the interplay colours and shapes, the use of vividly coloured furniture, taking the form of a pair of square throw cushions, a round plush rug, a bright scalloped sofa, amongst other components, was introduced to the living room.

Different rooms within the home with similar functions were also physically connected through the use of suspended countertops, visually outlining the relationship each space has with one another and allowing them to intertwine.


Not only that, these countertops, along with the iconic glass walls of the study, also serve to create the illusion of a more spacious apartment; thereby successfully marrying concept with functionality.