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Location: The Tessarina, Wilby Road
Expanding and contracting to your every whim

These days, homes are more than just private dwellings. They are where individuals rest, indulge in their hobbies, work and study, and more. Taking all that into consideration, this two-bedroom condo situated in central Singapore was designed to be as spacious and flexible as possible for this budding family of two.


The apartment is visually divided through the subtle use of light grey and dark wood floor tiles. Certain rooms overlap each other in terms of purpose and space. Through the introduction of sliding glass doors in the kitchen and study, the space that these rooms occupy expands and contracts according to the whims and needs of the owners, making them easily modifiable at any given time.

Should they be left open, these black-framed glass doors get tucked away and hidden seamlessly within the walls as though they were never there.

A grey island counter made of quartz permanently sits between the kitchen and the dining room, further emphasising the interconnectedness of the two rooms. To create a sense of openness, the island was designed to give off the illusion that it is floating in mid-air. It is connected to the sophisticated dark wood settee, thereby providing it with some much-needed structural support and fulfilling the owners’ wish for a long dining table. Perfect for the dinner parties and poker game nights they host.