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Location: Daisy Suites, Daisy Road
Fluid and everchanging to suit your every need

Short getaways to dream destinations, where one can bask in the healing and calming properties of nature, may be ideal but being able to carve out a special place for oneself to do the same in their home country is undoubtedly the best choice.


This cosy two-bedroom apartment tucked away in a quiet corner in Braddell was created specifically for rest and rejuvenation.

It mirrors the beneficial effects of nature through its soothing colour palette of navy, soft browns, and white.

It is also a reflection of the homeowner’s free-spirited personality and active lifestyle.

The walls of this home are largely adorned with faux light wood laminates that amplify the cosiness of the place.

The attention of most who visit, however, will likely be directed towards the deep blue feature wall that houses the bomb shelter, pantry, and fridge while also acting as a bold, ocean-inspired piece that breaks up the sea of brown.

Beyond the kitchen lies what used to be the living room and bedroom. The wall that separated the two was removed to merge the two spaces, creating a single area where one can freely transform according to one’s needs and indulge in various leisurely activities.