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Location: Telok Blangah Street
Encapsulating the beauty of fleeting everyday sights

Otherworldly and divine, halos are not mere symbols found in ancient art. They are captivating and soothing rings of light produced by the sun when one catches them at the right moment. In some languages, ‘halo’ means ‘hello’ — a word that welcomes the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


When a young married couple purchased their second home, a 4-room apartment by the sea with a daily view of the setting sun, it was only natural that the halo became the source of inspiration behind the design of the place.

Furnished in various shades of cream, the space is refreshing and inviting. A combination of midnight blue and blush pink, the two key colours that paint the skies at dusk, was included to inject a pop of colour and to visually separate rooms without the restrictive use of walls.

Blush pink subway tiles cover a portion of the walls in both the kitchen and bathrooms, followed by a grand splash of deep blue that takes up the remainder of the space for a cosier and more intimate atmosphere.