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Location: Sommerville Park, Farrer Drive
Hidden from the masses, ever quiet and peaceful

Noting that the greenery surrounding their quiet neighbourhood fits the German term, hinterland, meaning “the land behind” which is commonly used to describe sparsely populated areas, this burgeoning family of two set out to craft a serene and airy space for themselves.


Decked mostly in white and woody elements with slivers of gold from the sunlight it receives, this 3-bedroom condo became a blank canvas for the homeowners to fill up with beautiful memories and parts of their personalities.

As the brightest spot in the space, the location where the study, living room, and kitchen met was transformed into the focal point of the entire home. The walls of the kitchen were taken down while the sharp corner of the study was reshaped. A glass window that runs parallel to the front door now sits in place of the wall. This widened the walkway and allowed the light to stretch farther and deeper into the apartment. One could say that the warm beams of golden sunlight that streamed in inspired the modification of the new layout in the most unexpected, yet poetic manner.