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Location: Tampines North Drive 2
Personally created moments of utter repose

In a time where beige reigns supreme in modern homes, this 4-room apartment veers the opposite way with a dark palette mixed with essential neutrals and muted greens.


Dimly lit and cosy, the intimate space is home to a couple and their beloved cat. It is a place to unwind, much like how inns tucked quietly away in lush forests rejuvenate the mind do the same.

The space is mostly devoid of sharp corners, exchanged in favour of soft curves and arches. The living room is one such example. A black wood TV cabinet wraps around the sharp edge of the living room wall, obscuring the bomb shelter from view on one end and serving as a dining nook on the other. An L-shaped sofa is nestled across from the television in its own corner of the room — located to avoid obstructing the flow of the space.