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Location: Tampines St 41
The code to never-ending happiness

Happiness is a concept that all are familiar with but one that few understand. Much like creativity, happiness ought to come from within and be allowed to flow outwards into one’s surroundings and relationships.


Having cracked the code to attaining happiness, this family of four chose to have their new 5-room Executive Apartment reflect exactly that. The result is a bright, airy home where happiness, creativity, and inspiration flow freely — especially beneficial to the homeowners who work as creatives.

What used to be a closed-up apartment with cold walls segregating each room is now a cosy home with an open layout where everything except the bedrooms is in full view from the entrance. Akin to a river that flows quietly in a predetermined direction connecting bodies of water along its way, the dining room now visually connects itself to the kitchen, play area, and study.