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Location: Ubi Road 3
Mementos of significant moments captured and stored within the mind’s eye

Everybody has a childhood home, and most people will remember them. These homes are the backdrop of the scattered memories of our youth and the foundation these memories were built on. These significant moments, happy or sad, are constantly being created and captured in these spaces at any given time. We carry them with us throughout our lives and they shape our persons.


It is only fitting that this experience came to be the source of inspiration for the design of this 4-room BTO flat where more such moments will be formed for a young couple and their two kids who call it their home.

In this home, colour plays an important role. A high-contrast colour palette of black, white, and dark brown outlines the boundaries of each room — handy in the open-concept common areas. Through manipulating colours and angles found in the design, different perspectives form.

Akin to contemporary artworks only visible when viewed from a certain spot, the apartment ends up looking different when viewed from different heights; creating brand new memories for every member of the family, especially for the children as they grow in height and age. Reiterating the change in perspective, the black and white floor tiles that separate the living and dining rooms also boast a slight height difference.