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Location: Pasir Ris St 71
Sky, sand, sea, and the opportunity to unwind

Often in foreign movies, there are mentions of a summer home that people flock to for a vacation during their favourite season. With Singapore being in an eternal state of summer, locals may not want a vacation home but the sentiment of needing the occasional break from work is one that is shared among people across the globe.


Enter Summerhouse, a 4-room HDB designed to be a spacious retreat for the mother-daughter duo living here. It encapsulates the essence of a summerhouse by the sea. The entrance brings forth a feeling of weightlessness and calm with inky blues, cool greys, and black; colours that surround a diver in the deepest parts of the ocean.

If the living room reflected the depths of the sea, then the kitchen would depict the surface with its white countertop and teal backsplash that is reminiscent of waves in motion and the surrounding greenery.