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Location: Edelweiss Park, Flora Road
The sweet spot between purpose and beauty

As one progresses through different stages of life, it is sometimes necessary for one's home to grow along with them. Expanding their family from two to four, the owners of this 3-bedroom condominium chose to transition from their first home, an industrial New York loft-styled flat, to their current kid-friendly space in the quiet and cosy Edelweiss Park.


The home was designed with the children’s well-being in mind — focusing on practicality, accessibility, and ease of maintenance while still providing ample space for unbridled creativity, exploration, and fun to flourish.

The practical aspects are conveyed through the choice of faux marble floor tiles, the sleek dark wood enclosed storage cabinets, and the roomy living room that can be converted into a temporary play area should the need arise.

At first glance, function may take precedence over form here but as the saying goes, ‘form follows function’. The need for enclosed storage spaces gave the fluted wood cabinets an opportunity to shine; just as how the half-glass wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room allows the parents to keep a watchful eye over their children while simultaneously letting sunlight trickle in, bringing light and warmth along with it.