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Location: Branksome Road, Mounbatten


Wood-toned furniture with elegant marble creates a luxurious and comfortable lived-in vibe

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. With that in mind, the living space of this residential area was decked with the bare essentials, and then further decorated with textures of the various materials used.


The dark and earthy tones of the wood texture gives a sense of maturity, yet at the same time, highlights the classic style of the owners.

The TV console within the bedroom houses the TV on one side, and doubles up as a wardrobe and dresser on the other side. The fabric used on the TV console gives a sense of tenderness when placed against the hard wood grain, and the white and black marble texture.


On the other hand, the wardrobe door uses the texture of a cool-toned wood grain placed perpendicular from one another, breaking the monotony of the texture.


Adding to the spacious area of the living space, wooden framed window panels instantly illuminates the space with a splash of natural lighting.


Made from two contrasting materials – grey and wood laminate, the sliding window panels are visually aligned with the bed adding clean cut lines to the overall design.

Not to forget, the open-concept bathroom with white and black marble walls are attached to this master bedroom embraces not only the huge space of the residential area, but also reveals the cheeky personality of the homeowners.

Injecting a little of their personality in every corner of the house not only livens and brightens up the space, but also gives the homeowners a place where they can truly call theirs.

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