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Location: King George's Ave
Letting ideas take root

The brainchild of local interior design company, ROOOT Studio, ROOOF houses three design studios, ROOOT, Spacebar Design, and Art of Chris, and is nestled on the highest floor of a charming walk-up building in Jalan Besar.

Drawing its design concept from plantations, the interior of ROOOF paints the story of crops growing and getting harvested within a greenhouse, akin to how this space is being transformed into a design sanctuary where ideas take root and where they eventually come to fruition.

The idea of a greenhouse roof is visually translated through the shape of the ceiling and is accentuated with a black frame that segregates the different workspaces while keeping the layout as open as can be with the aid of a floor-to-ceiling mirror positioned at the end of the room.

The colour palette of the space is kept minimal and light, allowing pops of colour to not only add some vibrance, but also to draw the eye to specific spots.


Take for example, the meeting room that comes with hanging lights and plants, and that welcomes a steady stream of natural light; the pink meeting pod with neon lights where ideas are exchanged; the soft green material pod where different material samples are being showcased; and the focus room that comes complete with a black ceiling and rich green, grass covered walls and floor that brings about a sense of intimacy.

For a place with this many studios all working under one roof, it is imperative that a single space should serve multiple purposes.


To fulfill this criteria and maximise efficiency, the island counter is designed to intertwine with the built-it settee, doubling up as a pantry, a dining area, and a lounge where the owners are able to host the occasional karaoke night whilst keeping everybody gathered in the same spot.

Contrary to the rest of the space, the private enclaves of ROOOF — the bathrooms — are designed to look as vivid and as striking as possible, each reflecting a separate art movement.


One is decked out in deep green with accents of gold that is very reminiscent of the art deco movement made famous in the 1920s while the other has its walls and floor tiled in the cheeriest shade of yellow that reminds one of the pop art movement that artist, Andy Warhol, was so known for.