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Location: Ayer Rajah Crescent


A neighbourhood inspired work space to discover freedom and a sense of belonging

A place where most of us spend the majority of our time at, an office is almost like one’s second home. Inspired by their community of people, this space was mindfully designed to foster a sense of togetherness between employees.


It is also a platform for fun get-togethers where the team can have the freedom to express themselves.


While work is definitely the priority, pockets of entertainment have been strategically injected into the corners of their workspace. This provides an element of fun into their otherwise unavoidable work schedule, and allows the team to take their minds of their workload.


The Town Hall, located at the common area encourages people to gather in the name of fun. A play mezzanine stands tall right above Happy’s Minimart, an open pantry well stocked enough to feed the entire team.


Decking up such a large space may seem to cost a lot, but the Industrial theme of this design uses various cost effective materials such as wire mesh, chipboard, bricks and cement to pull everything together.


Red and yellow epoxy paint were painted to look like it is flowing through the entire office. The pop of colour from these two paints instantly brightens up not only the entire floor, but also one’s mood.

The rooms within the office space are used mainly for meetings and conferences, except for a ‘Detention Room’ which acts as a silent library where the team can read and gain inspiration.


The accessibility of this barrier-free design is further echoed through the glass panels that were used for the rooms. People can look in, and at the same time light from the outside can fill the rooms.


The glass panels also make the rooms look more spacious, which eventually comforts the team during long house of group discussion.