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Location: Edgedale Plains, Punggol


The colours, lines, and forms that shape a home

Making the conscious decision to base their new home off their preferred colours and forms, this spacious 4-room BTO was made by blending shades of sea blue and grey with shapely curved forms and straight lines.


Further inspiration was drawn from meandering streams that are made of both curved and straight lines.

Take the first step into this home and one will notice just how spacious the living area is.


Painted grey with accents of blue to allow the colour to stand out more and finished off with black and white venetian blinds, the entire room gives off a calm sensation – the perfect way to start and end every day.

Streamline_Close up 3.JPG

A pre-existing wall belonging to one of the bedrooms was hacked to open up the living area more and a curved television console cum settee decked in the same blue and grey that adorns the entire apartment replaces the spot where the wall used to be.


The television console hides a strip of LED lights that illuminates the area, just like how sunlight brightens up a body of water when light reflects off the surface.

The settee is partially connected to the structural wall next to it that was also shaped to form a beam with a soft, rounded corner and stretches out to create a study table that doubles up as a backrest and mini bookshelf.