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Location: Maysprings, Petir Road


Turning the intangible benefits of hiking into an everyday space

Hiking is perhaps one of the most intense and intimate experiences that one could possibly have with nature. It is a gift that keeps on giving: it brings you an unbridled sense of joy, excitement, relaxation; memories that last a lifetime; a multitude of health benefits; and there is a surprise around every corner.


Trail is a translation of said intangible perks of the increasingly popular hobby into a tangible, habitable space that attains the right balance between two opposing interior styles — Japandi and mid-century modern.

At first sight, one will notice the Japandi-styled foyer, living and dining rooms, and kitchen.


There is a strong focus on simplicity, comfort, and natural colours evident from the fresh white walls, light wood floors and furniture of varying shades of beige and light brown. Light grey is added into the mix to subtly emphasise the appearance of certain spots, such as the island tabletop and an accent wall that stands between the kitchen and dining room, without straying from the theme.


Bits of nature in the form of potted plants, are scattered all over the home to emulate the experience of hiking on a trail filled with unusual flora – a botanical surprise, if you will.


Walls in some areas of the home are transformed into fixed glass panes with a black border to further create an element of botanical surprise.


The island counter and foyer wall are specially made with grooves to replicate the appearance of wooden planks to add to the naturalistic look.