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Location: Woodlands Street 82


A pleasant walk in the park in the comfort of one’s home

This HDB jumbo flat is one of the rare spaces we got to work with. The combination of two flats – one being a corner flat, the homeowners have the luxury to utilise the common corridor space of these two flats and incorporate it as part of the spatial design.


Wooden planks are tiled vertically from entrance of the house and then extended all the way into the kitchen, seamlessly connecting the outdoors to the inside of the house.


The vertical placement of the planks also visually elongates the area, and creates a nice garden entrance for the house. In contrast to the entrance, huge white marble tiles were used as flooring for the main living space, and as well as the dining space.

Natural materials and textures such as bricks, cement, wood, and marble were heavily used in the design of this space, overall creating a rather light colour scheme.


To balance this out, darker coloured furniture were used to deck the space up, generating contrast and adding weight to the overall design.