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Location: Waterway Brooks, Punggol Drive


A home that tells the story of the world

With the world coming to a standstill in recent years, it is hard not to yearn for an opportunity to travel the globe — perhaps even a short trip to the nearby islands for a quick hike would help scratch the itch of heading overseas.


Keeping that in mind, the newlyweds who now call this 4-room flat their home, decided to showcase their wanderlust and love of nature through various motifs that are evident throughout the space.

Upon entering the home, one would be greeted with a myriad of colours that seem to transport you to the ancient forests of Alaska with its deep teal, cream, and light wood furnishings speckled with colours of pristine white and grey along the walls and floors.


The kitchen is sharply delineated with the construction of the bar counter, fleshed out with the same deep teal that adorns the walls of the living space. The counter, along with the demarcated floors of light wood and grey, visually guide one towards the kitchen with zero effort.

While the kitchen may have been decked with the same nature-inspired colour palette found all around the home, the manner in which the colours were placed gives the room an entirely different atmosphere. It is one that is calm and composed, yet still exudes a certain maturity and sophistication.


The counters are lined with light wood and cream, alongside a light grey countertop, while the matte teal tiles make up the backsplash for a bold splash of colour.

The living room is kept simple with half-painted walls of white and teal, loose pieces of light wood furniture, and plush light grey curtains that perfectly match the soft grey floors.


Majority of the room may seem to be a minimalist’s dream but the pièce de résistance, the gallant-looking world map made of timber framed right in the centre of the space that helps the owners track the places they have travelled to before, seems to say otherwise.