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Location: Compassvale Crescent, Sengkang


The energetic design of this living space allows one to get their daily dose of adventure

Youthful and dynamic, this space is a perfect representation of the vibrant personalities of the homeowners. Together with pastel colours, the usage of simple but bold geometric shapes brings out childlike qualities such as innocence and playfulness.


Quite impossible to miss, the angled walls with a peak at the main entrance, as well as the mini entrance of the dog house resembles a shape of a tent, a strong symbolism of the couple’s love for the outdoor and adventure.  


The clean and seamless design has also integrated a dog house into their living space - because what would home be without your furry little friend, right?


Not only does it give the furball a space to call its own, the dog house is also nestled under a build-in settee that is part of a shoe cabinet, flawlessly providing more than one function to the installed structure.